Library Profile

Knowledge Resource Centre is a nucleus of teaching, learning and research process. It has been playing a vital role in overall development of the reading culture among users. The library organizes and updates collection to support teaching – learning process and encourages the students to read beyond the requirement of the curriculum. The library staff provides assistance to users for effective use of learning resources by promoting the learning habits among students.

The Library is established with the commencement of the college in 1983. The Library is updated with books, periodicals, journals of National and International repute with NLIST database for library users. The college library is using MKCL’s LIBRERIA Software (version 2.0.3715.28728). This software is web-based software and updated regularly. All the functions of the library are carried out by using LIBRERIA software.


Expand the horizons of knowledge by fostering reader friendly atmosphere to produce responsible citizens and contribute to the nation building


•   To provide academic ambience supporting learning environment in the college

•   To organize and update library collection and make it more reader friendly

•   To imbibe the reading culture among the staff and students

•   To provide open/easy access to the learning resources

•   To preserve and retrieve the information


•   To provide and maintain the learning resources(text, reference and other books)

•   Encourage the students to read beyond the curriculum

•   Provide assistance to users for effective use of learning resources

•   To avail internet facility for information retrieval

•   Save the time of reader by updating browsing facility


•   1.Open Access of Library for Final Year and P.G. Students.

•   2.Book Lending

•   3.Separate Reading Section to Boys, Girls and Staff

•   4.Free Internet Access and Downloading

•   5.Book Bank facility to poor and needy students of the college in association with Siddhivinayak Trust, Mumbai

•   Reference Services

•   User Orientation and Awareness Program for First Year Students

•   Earn & Learn Scheme

•   Free Access to e-resources N-LIST Program