• Rayat INSPIRE Programme is one of the innovativeactivitiesinitiated by the parent institute Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, Satara for motivating the students from its sister branches to develop their scientific tempersince 2015-16. This activity is undertaken for the High School and undergraduate students for 5-6 days. During this period, the students prepare various models or projects of their interesting subject and present their work during the exhibition. The activity imbibes creativity, innovation and presentation skills among the students. This competition provides a knowledge base for the budding researchers to understand their capabilities. The college motivates maximum students to participate and present their work. Few of the projects are selected for higher level competition which helpsthem to shape their ideas in RayatVidnyanParishad. The college has an active committee working for this programme.
  • S. N. Name of the Member Designation
    1 Mr. A.K. Kapare Chairman
    2 Dr. Smt S.L. Pawar Member
    3 Dr. Mrs S.A. Kulkarni Member
    4 Dr. H.N. Akolkar Member
    5 Ms. J.D. Pawar Member
    6 Dr. P.R. Gugale Member
    7 Mr. S.P. Kunde Member