1. TPO collects student information from the Departments.

2. TPO collaborates with the company seeking recruitment for the students.

3. TPO prepares list of short listed students according to the criteria set by the company and forwards one copy to company and another to the Department to inform the students.

4. The plan is executed by the TPO with the assistance of other T&P members.

5. TPO prepares the list of selected students.

6. Records are maintained by the TPO.

The Placement and Career Guidance Center acts as an interface between the students and industries and helps the students towards their campus placement. The students are promoted and provided jobs through personal contacts of the faculty with reputed companies and educational institutions, graduate and post graduate students from different departments are employed. The cell informs the students about various job opportunities and motivates to apply for various jobs. The Placement Officer always provides guidance and gives reference for the benefit of the students. The cell has established contacts with the career guidance providing agencies. These linkages helped our students to experience the career building. This practice has made sincere attempts to provide career opportunities to the aspiring workforce. The composition of committee is as under-