Career Development Cell/ Entrepreneur Development Cell:

The Institute has constituted the following Career Development and Entrepreneurship Development Cells (CDC and EDC), which have organised and are planning to organise various seminars and conferences involving industry representatives and provide awareness programmes amongst the students to become successful entrepreneurs.

About Career Development Cell (CDC):

Mentors, other faculty members, and TPO guide the students in selecting a career goal and the paths to accomplishing it. Alumni of the department working in various industries are invited to interact with current students regarding placement and higher education opportunities and preparation guidelines.

To guide the students in developing the skills and job-search strategies required to achieve their career objectives. Identify suitable potential employers, help them achieve their hiring goals, and organise activities concerning career planning.

Objectives of Career Development Cell:

  • To conduct a review among students of their career options.
  • To help in the total development of the student.
  • To help in making a proper choice of career.
  • To organise career guidance sessions for students.
  • To help the students in their professional development.
  • To conduct orientation programs for fresher’s.
  • To provide relevant academic and career information to enable students to make informed decisions along the way.
  • To provide learning and training opportunities in the areas of academic, career, personal and social development and to prepare students to meet their future challenges.
  • To organise programs and sessions to create awareness sessions on how to prepare for GATE, TOEFL, CAT, MAT, GMAT, and GRE.
  • To organise programs to create awareness about the importance of doing higher studies in India and abroad too.
  • To motivate the youth for self-employment.
  • To motivate the students to prepare for product based companies.
  • To identify and motivate students from weaker sections of society.

About Entrepreneur Development Cell(EDC):

The mission of the EDC cell is to encourage and refine the entrepreneurial and product development skills of the students, like idea generation, opportunity evaluation, business modeling, marketing, intellectual property rights, new innovative project development, skill development, and many more.

The emerging competitive scenario in the contemporary world calls for a greater thrust on entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is the decision of an individual to plan his or her career and have the right path to earn an honest and decent living. A failure at the foundation level may have a severe impact and result in a significant loss of faith in one’s community. The CDC and EDC at KBPCOE, Satara, are offering services to new student entrepreneurs to promote specialised knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship development. In view of the global scarcity of jobs in both the public and private sectors, leading to unemployment problems and a lack of proper utilization of human resources, the cell strives to identify talented youth for entrepreneurial work. The domain needs to be promoted widely to ensure that the incidence of self-employment increases and also to offer a definite direction of growth to existing entrepreneurs.

Objectivities of Entrepreneur Development Cell:

  • To build entrepreneurial culture among students.
  • To motivate students to become entrepreneur.
  • To develop a spirit of entrepreneurship and awareness among the students.
  • To organise sessions by successful entrepreneurs.
  • To develop the advanced skills of creativity and innovative thinking.
  • To empower and inspire students to take initiatives and accept responsibilities to thrive in the challenging world and to become job creators rather than job seeker.
  • To celebrate E-Week every year.
  • To organize an entrepreneurship awareness camp or start-up awareness camp, entrepreneurship development programs.
  • To organise an idea submission competition or project competition.
  • To conduct skill development training and workshops to make self-employment.
  • To guide and assist likely entrepreneurs in their process of setting up, growing their businesses and managing the new projects.
  • To make initiatives for receiving grants offered by different Government departments (both at state and national levels) and other private bodies to encourage entrepreneurship among students.