About R & D Cell:

Research and Development Cell needs to be established to promote and mobilize research activities at Rayat Shikshan Sanstha’s Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil College of Engineering, Satara is committed to promoting and maintaining high standards of integrity and accountability in the conduction of academic research and seeks to embed and endorse a culture of honesty and transparency in all its institutional research activities. In undertaking this commitment, the university emphasizes that academic freedom is a core value to be safeguarded and sustained. The institute is dedicated to guaranteeing a free academic environment to conduct research, to teach, to speak and to publish, subject to the norms and standards of scholarly inquiry, without interference or penalty, wherever the search for truth, knowledge, scholarship and/or understanding may lead. The institute expects its members (teaching staff, students, visiting faculties as well as administrative and support staff) to abide by the highest standards of integrity in their conduct of academic research and/or support to academic research activities. In this regard all faculty members, researchers and students undertaking research are bound by code of research ethics.


  • To promotes exemplary ethical standards in research and scholarship.
  • To educates and monitors students/ faculties conducting research to ensure a high ethical standard.
  • To provide guidance for Research writing and converting an innovative patentable.
  • Idea into a commercial product.
  • To organize research programs for Faculty, Students & Industries to undertake quality research.
  • Other research related activities.
  • To collaborate with various industries and research agencies for smooth Functioning of research activities.